M.A.D.Gallery exclusive: “EVE MK II”, a futuristic Art Motorcycle by Bandit9 – Newsletter October 2016
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Dear Friends,

Motorcycles are not just machines to get from point A to point B; for those who appreciate and understand them, these two-wheeled vehicles are much, much more.

And for both MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser and Daryl Villanueva, the “Bandit Chief” at Bandit9, a Saigon-based workshop known for breaking the mould and building bespoke bikes with a futuristic design, motorcycles can also be works of art – “art motorcycles” if you will. Which is why these roaring, sputtering, oil-filled machines with a soul are so faithful to the unconventional, rebellious spirit of MB&F.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the EVE MK II, a limited edition of nine pieces created in exclusivity for the M.A.D.Gallery and developed from the highly sought-after Bandit9 EVE – a chef d'œuvre merging art with machine. Each bike is entirely handmade, requiring around six weeks to produce.

Bandit9 takes passion for motorcycle art to a level beyond imagination: the EVE MK II started life as a 1967 Honda Supersport, which was completely stripped then rebuilt. The modernized and streamlined EVE MK II boasts bold, clean lines and shiny chrome finishes. “We tend to ignore the past and just make leaps forward,” says Villanueva.

Inspired by the then-futuristic Jet Age, a period of 1940s and 1950s aviation history during which innovations like the jet engine brought about social change, Bandit9 propels design forward and pushes motorcycle art to new levels with the EVE MK II.


Daryl Villanueva
The “Bandit Chief” at Bandit9

Exclusivity M.A.D.Gallery
Limited edition of 9 pieces
CHF 14’500* HT
*excluding taxes

Displayed at the M.A.D.Gallery Geneva

Elongated profile

Unibody tank
in a sleek bullet shape

The custom mechanical and visual transformation takes place in Bandit9’s garage at the skilled hands of a talented team of experts with an obsession for bikes. A standout design feature of the EVE MK II is its handcrafted unibody tank in a sleek bullet shape, which is handmade from a single piece of steel before being hand-polished to a mirror-like sheen.

Visually appealing, the unusual form combines the tank, seat, and the rear cowl into one. A cowhide leather seat is worked into the elongated unibody tank while a custom exhaust, exposed suspension, and an electric starter complete the technical aspects of the bike’s innovative design.

If you are in or passing through Geneva, please drop in and see this piece of art for yourself. And if Geneva is not part of your travel plans anytime soon, you can keep in touch via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@mbfmadgallery).


My best regards and until next time,

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager

Leather seat

Steel X Cowl

Photo Studio