Smith & Winken

‘Endless Movement’ Artworks Now At The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery In Dubaï

The M.A.D.Gallery is pleased to present six artworks by Ukrainian artist duo Smith & Winken.

Smith & Winken

Having founded their studio in 2020, the two artists, whose real names are Valeriy Kuznetsov and Otto Winken, developed a signature style involving mechanics and architectural proportions to highlight the beauty of our everyday world from a new perspective. Their artwork is technical and unexpected. Using mundane materials, they creatively demonstrate connections between mechanics and bionics. These artworks remind us that each being is a mechanism in a way.

The duo has brought forth a series of kinetic objects grouped in a collection called Endless Movement that can almost be characterized performance art.


Endless Movement is a collection of limited-edition kinetic sculptures currently containing 18 artworks. The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Dubaï has the pleasure of featuring six of these: Thrinax, Apollo 18, Hover, Bishop and two variations of Skipper.

Endless Movement provides a feeling of the fourth dimension, where the nature of mechanics shifts ever so slightly. The collection uses wood, textiles, and metal as the primary materials, while the elements of the sculptures are set in motion by specially designed mechanisms powered by electricity. The ratios of proportions and materials, details, and range of motion of each element are carefully crafted to jibe with those of human beings in order to provoke a desire in the observer to communicate with the art.

The motion of each artwork is so conscious and quiet that the mechanisms appear as living organisms that might have existed in the distant past or the unpredictable future on any planet in the universe.

Smith & Winken
Smith & Winken


Smith (Valeriy Kuznetsov) is the co-founder of Ukrainian design studio decorkuznetsov. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 interior and architectural projects and participates as a juror or expert in many European exhibitions. Above and beyond that, he has won international awards, including Red Dots for design concepts in 2020 and 2015.

Otto Winken is a Ukrainian engineer and architect of Austrian ethnicity who has numerous architectural and unique design projects under his belt.

The Smith & Winken studio is located in Dnipro, Ukraine, the centre of the space industry in the USSR era. Images of early space exploration are as inspirational to the duo (with Kuznetsov stating that it excited “a tapestry of imagination”) as the colours used in the paintings of Dutch masters like Bosch, Brueghel, and Rembrandt. A current trend that motivates the duo is the “fusion” of technology, design, and art. Endless Movement, decidedly more about art than architecture despite the two artists’ roots, is but a stepping stone to a future dream involving a performance with their sculptures.

Smith & Winken’s mechanical marvels can now be admired at the M.A.D.Gallery Dubaï.

Please feel free to book your private appointment to visit the Gallery, or browse the M.A.D.Gallery online to dive into the dynamic world of kinetic art.

Smith & Winken Apollo 18
Smith & Winken Bishop
Smith & Winken Hover
Smith & Winken Skipper
Smith & Winken Thrinax