Ryan Kvande


The M.A.D.Gallery presents SPUNWHEEL, a mesmerizing collection of six kinetic sculptures with a hypnotic allure based on the moiré pattern. The handmade creations are set in motion by spinning two wheels in opposite directions, triggering a phenomenon of constantly changing patterns. Each piece has a run time of approximately 20 minutes; as the motion slows a "rocking effect” begins and the wheels rotate back and forth at varying speeds, creating a stimulating kaleidoscope-like visual.

Ryan Kvande

Finding his true niche as an artist, Ryan Kvande has created a breathtakingly unique collection of kinetic wooden wall sculptures. The hypnotic designs are conceptualized in his mind by visualizing moving shapes and lines. “The most precious thing to me is bringing what once only existed in my mind to reality and sharing it with people,” says Ryan, “I wish that experience upon everyone. I hope you enjoy my imagination as much as I do.” His award-winning pieces can be found in private and public collections across the globe.


The SPUNWHEEL collection consists of six works of art that are each unique due to their original patterns and further enhanced by the natural wood grains of the Baltic birchwood Ryan uses.

The sculptures, already visually attractive when still, become downright fascinating when set in motion with a simple spin of the hand. The observer almost sinks into a trance watching these mechanical oeuvres in motion, making it become almost impossible take one’s eyes off them.

Ryan Kvande - Razzle


Two of the round works, Razzle and Trance, fascinate with their powerful, spinning motifs. One of the largest in the collection, Razzle measures 40 inches (101 cm) in diameter, while Trance is the smallest at 31 inches (94 cm) across. Both are finished with a dark brown dye.

Ryan Kvande - Trance


Ryan Kvande - Trance


Ryan Kvande - Zip


Zip, coming in at 36 inches across, boasts an airy architecture that is further intensified with a fiery red colour in the centre, unfolding a vivid and constantly changing pattern. Similar to Zip in colour composition, Flow has an intricate design that seemingly melts into the wall as the 31-inch (94 cm) sculpture spins.

Ryan Kvande - Tranquil


Tranquil and Flux both incorporate a cerulean blue throughout the inner motif that is delightful to watch and offers meditative qualities like the waves of the sea.

Ryan Kvande - Flux


These pieces are entrancing: just one hanging on a wall will bring a lifetime of enjoyment to viewers while a collage of these three-dimensional, kinetic sculptures would be euphoric.



From the concept to the fine finishing touches, each wooden sculpture is handcrafted by Ryan Kvande. In the first step, Ryan draws the pattern onto Baltic birchwood, a strong wood with a visually appealing grain. Then slowly and precisely he makes the first cuts with a scroll saw and follows with a laser drill press for the utmost precision. Meticulously measuring and cutting the wheels is one of the most important steps in the process to ensure perfection in the pattern.

Ryan Kvande - Zip


The next step is to round the edges with a router before the final shaping is completed with a belt sander. The sanding is not complete, though, until the entire piece is sanded by hand. Several coats of wood dye are then applied in dark brown with cerulean blue, rust, or fiery red accents to kick it up a notch. To further enhance the wood grain detail, a final coat of Tung oil, which is highly resistant to water, is rubbed into the wood. The result is a truly unique and interesting sculpture.

Ryan Kvande - Flow


To achieve maximum spin time each piece uses instrument-grade sealed stainless steel bearings, which help the sculpture reach approximately 20 minutes of movement from a single push. Run time depends on the sculpture’s size and the weight of the wheels, which also affects the natural way it comes to a stop on the wall. Pieces range from 31 to 40 inches (78 to 101 cm) in diameter with a depth of up to 5 inches (12.5 cm). These works of art do not require the use of a battery, motor, or power source.