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Kinetic Design


Designed and engineered in Germany by inventor-artist Robert Spillner, “Inverted Space” is a spherical kinetic sculpture that beautifully delivers infinite flow patterns of metallic liquid.

Robert Spillner, born in Koblenz in the Rhineland region of south-western Germany, grew up with a fascination for mechanics, deeply felt already at an early childhood age. Consequently, Spillner found himself working for the automotive industry after graduating with degrees in engineering from the university of Cologne and Bochum. “All I desired was to solve mechanical problems and invent new things,” says Spillner of his life-long passion. One of his early inventions, a steering valve, had an F1 team contact him right out after his first employment: “Within a year, half of the F1 teams were using the valve that I had produced in the garage at home.”

For the past twenty years and while pursuing a successful career in automotive engineering, Spillner created many elaborate and yet minimalist kinetic objects, which can be found in collections across Europe, Asia and the USA. Following the original spark of fusing engineering with art, Spillner in his studio and workshop in Düsseldorf creates those innovative machines deeply inspired by the patterns and mechanisms of nature, a ‘Deus ex Machina’ of sorts, equipped with a wonderful sense of humour.

Spillner’s latest creation is “Inverted space” and it is more brilliant than ever. “I wanted to create an image which would change in time, but not a video. I had this intuition one night that I needed to use molecules instead of mechanical parts. The result is absolutely mind-blowing. What you see are rotating galaxies or images that resemble those taken by weather satellites, simply because of the physics behind it” reveals Spillner, “or maybe what you see is similar to the otherworldly energy behind meditation… Either way, “Inverted Space” is life in motion.”

Kinetic Design
Inverted Space

Silver edition, limited to 24 pieces
Also available in “black” and “gold” on request (limited to 24 pieces each)

  • Dimension: 945 x 945 x 88 mm
  • Price: 6’900 CHF inc. VAT


Designed and engineered in Switzerland by Adatte Design, 55® Nixie Time Zone is a time zone clock using six new old stock and genuine nixie tubes as a display.

In 2008, Adatte Design was already passionate about vintage and eclectic technology and produced a limited run of simple Nixie tube clocks for a client, using six Z566M Nixies mounted on a solid machined aluminum body made in Switzerland. It’s only recently that they rediscovered this clock and decided to create a new one.

Kinetic Design

After a long search, they eventually found a large new old stock of Z560M tubes in East Europe, the smallest available on the market at that time. More than fifty years ago, they were used on measuring and scientific instruments and calculators, instead of the LED technology we have today. Having found so many, they logically considered developing a large time zone clock that uses 5x6 tubes. After many sketches and 3D renderings, no interesting result was obtained; they did not want to make just ‘another’ nixie clock. That is when they had a breakthrough idea: make an all-in-one time zone clock, with six tubes per clock (HH:MM:SS) and a rotating dial to display the corresponding time of five cities through an aperture. The concept was born!

After many elaborated sketches on what Adatte Design called the rotating ‘drum’ and the details of the clock, they started the 3D renderings to give it a strong visual identity and added the colors. Designed in their studio in Lausanne, the “Nixie Time Zone” clock is entirely Swiss Made. It holds Adatte design’s own patented system and design and uses 6 new old stock and genuine nixie tubes as a display.

Kinetic Design 55® Nixie Time Zone
  • Adatte Design
  • Dimensions: L 330 x l 80 x h 80 mm
  • Limited edition 100 pieces
  • Price: 5'900 CHF inc. VAT
Kinetic Design


Flyte hovers in mid-air using magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly through the air.

Combining minimalist design and magnetic magic, Flyte makes the ultimate conversation piece and the perfect design gift for any home or office.

While most light bulbs are fixed to a socket, Flyte’s energy efficient LEDs are powered through the air, providing a soft, warm white glow. Suspended in the air with almost no friction, its gentle rotating effect will keep you mesmerized in peaceful state of mind for hours. With Flyte, we’ve set the light bulb free!

Designed in Sweden, the FLYTE base is made of quarter-sawn oak and walnut wood finishes. Each unit is carefully crafted to precision using premium components inspired by minimalism and vintage design. The energy-efficient LEDs inside the shatterproof bulb have a light-up time of 50,000 hours. That’s the equivalent of 12 hours a day for 11 years, or 6 hours a day for 22 years; proving both its efficiency and functionality.

Kinetic Design
Flyte Buckminster

FLYTE Buckminster, named after the visionary American inventor Buckminster Fuller (and also the name of the designer's cat!), features an Edison-style borosilicate glass bulb, a 7 LED star-shaped filament, a Copper cap and an aluminum ring. The base is crafted from a sustainably-sourced Walnut wood. 

  • Base Dimensions : L 128 x l 128 x h 22 mm
  • Price: 375 CHF inc. VAT
Kinetic Design
Flyte Manhattan

Inspired by New York City's monochrome skyline, Manhattan features an Edison style borosilicate glass bulb, a 7 LED star-shaped filament, a Chrome cap and an aluminum ring. The base is crafted from a sustainably-sourced Walnut wood.

  • Base Dimensions : L 128 x l 128 x h 22 mm
  • Price: 375 CHF inc. VAT

ClockClock 24

Part kinetic sculpture, part functional timepiece, ClockClock 24 is produced and carefully assembled with true dedication in Humans since 1982’s workshop in Sweden.

Twenty-four clocks come together to tell a collective story in one singular digital display. Each individual clock hand is choreographed in line with the others, so that these clocks tell the time as a collective, rather than individually. The piece can be programmed in 12- or 24-hour time and has three different modes of movement between each minute: minimal, medium or elaborate.

ClockClock 24 combines a unique concept, technical precision and expert craftsmanship, resulting in the highest quality form. Each piece is produced and carefully assembled in Humans since 1982’s workshop in Stockholm, Sweden.

Humans since 1982 are Bastian Bischoff (b. 1982, Germany) and Per Emanuelsson (b. 1982, Sweden). Since meeting as postgraduate students at HDK Göteborg in 2008, the duo have produced works that defy easy categorisation, situated between visual art and product design. The Humans since 1982 studio is based in Stockholm, and now comprises a large group of specialists with different professional and cultural backgrounds.

Kinetic Design
ClockClock 24 Black Edition
by Humans since 1982

Handcrafted housing in mineral composite (Corian®), black clock hands, electronic components.

  • Size: 900×400×38 mm (35,4’’×15,7’’×1,5’’)
  • Limited edition of 950 pieces
  • Price: 7'500 CHF inc. VAT
Kinetic Design
ClockClock 24 White Edition
by Humans since 1982

Handcrafted housing in mineral composite (Corian® Deep Nocturne), white clock hands, electronic components.

  • Size: 900×400×38 mm (35,4’’×15,7’’×1,5’’)
  • Limited edition of 950 pieces
  • Price: 6'500 CHF inc. VAT


With its innovative and alluring design, Chronomeans is like no other table clock!
As a Rolling Ball Clock, it tells the time by means of marbles, rails and gravity. It has neither hands nor numbers to represent the hours and minutes.

Kinetic Design
Chronomeans by Abrasax

Body: gold-plated brass, anodized aluminium alloy
Base: anodized aluminium alloy
Rail: rhodium-plated brass
3 Rails For 1-Minute, 10-Minute, And Hour Time Indication

  • Dimensions: 27x15x35.5cm (LxWxH)
  • Limited edition 99 pieces
  • Price: 9'900 CHF inc. VAT
Kinetic Design
Kinetic Design


Fingers Mk III by Nik Ramage for Laikingland is a fantastic, impatiently-tapping mechanical replica of Ramage’s own hand.

At the flick of a switch, the realistic digits in distinctive dark black resin drum rhythmically, until the motor is turned off again. Ramage has been a good friend of Laikingland for many years, describing himself as “a mechanical sculptor who makes useless machines and invents contraptions that the world didn't know it needed”.

Based in both the UK and The Netherlands, Laikingland is a creative label that designs and manufactures beautifully crafted kinetic objects that engage, and evoke a sense of play and nostalgia.

Kinetic Design
  • Each piece is individually numbered
  • Cast Iron resin, steel and motor (Batteries included)
  • Dimensions: Human hand
  • Price: 950 CHF inc. VAT

swinging sticks

Swinging, flowing, noiselessly circling – never stopping. The swinging sticks seem to defy gravity, to turn logic on its head.

How can they endlessly swing without ever pausing? How can the sticks circle so fluidly that they create a relaxing, and almost hypnotic effect?

The Swinging Sticks generate an illusion - almost like perpetual motion - as the sticks turn and turn noiselessly and, it would seem, in contradiction to the laws of physics.

An electrical engineer and a designer have spent several years working on this phenomenon. Besides the technical challenge, an important aspect was the development of an aesthetic in a combination of metal and wood. The Swinging Sticks are a high-quality decorative object with sophisticated entertainment value. Individually hand-made in a precision process, each set of sticks is a unique item.

Kinetic Design Aluminium sticks with wooden base (batteries included)
  • Large edition: L 51 x H 80 x D 14.5 cm, Price: 500 CHF inc. VAT
  • Small edition: L 26,5 x H 42 x D 9,5 cm, Price: 390 CHF inc. VAT


An ornithopter (from Greek ornithos "bird" and pteron "wing") is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. Enn and Kaku are autonomous solar-powered ornithopters.

Kinetic Design Enn
  • Fish-like motion
  • Stainless steel, brass, polycarbonate
  • Size: L 16 x H 15 x D 5 cm
  • Price: 99 CHF inc. VAT
Kinetic Design Kaku
  • Bird-like motion
  • Stainless steel, brass, polycarbonate
  • Size: L 16 x H 15 x D 5 cm
  • Price: 99 CHF inc. VAT