Böhm Stirling - A1

Böhm Stirling

Robert Stirling, inventor of the Stirling motor, and Karl Benz, regarded as the inventor of the gasoline-powered automobile, have at least one thing in common: They both patented exceptional and revolutionary technology. Böhm have combined the ideas of both pioneers to create the excellent Böhm Stirling engines.

Böhm Stirling

These small engines inspire engineers-at-heart with a love for mechanics. These impressive little German-made machines are based on a simple principle: light a small flame under the piston, wait a short while for the engine to heat up and then watch this little marvel whizz around. The machines might smack of vintage steam engines, but in fact they transform hot air into sizzling motors.

  • Price ranges from CHF 220 to CHF 480.- CHF, inc. VAT (prices subject to change) - depending on the item.

Exciting small stirling engines

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Böhm Stirling - A1
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