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With the gift-giving season fast approaching, here are six ideas from the M.A.D.Gallery that are sure to spread cheer in any home or office.
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Lumed MB&F cap in blue

Yes, these MB&F caps do protect your head from the elements, but they are much more than that. Designed by our team and made in high-quality brushed cotton, the caps are packed with meticulous detailing, including a six-panel structure featuring six rows of stitching, six ventilation holes, a small MB&F logo embossed on the side, and a large MB&F battle-axe icon on the front.
And there’s even lume: that big battle axe is outlined in glow-in-the-dark thread!

Price: CHF 45.- inc. Swiss VAT
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MB&F: the First Fifteen Years catalogue raisonné

'MB&F: the First Fifteen Years' is a coffee-table book documenting every timepiece MB&F made from 2005 to 2020, including prototypes and pieces never released. Packed full of photos as well as technical and production details, this book is a must-have for all MB&F collectors and aficionados.

And a special-edition book deserves special protection and care, so it comes in a custom box fitted with the same high-density foam used to package MB&F timepieces. Hopefully your holidays will be long enough to devour it all.

Price: CHF 198.- inc. Swiss VAT
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Sandsara is a kinetic sculpture that stimulates both the mind and helps the body to relax; it’s a beautiful aid to meditation. Perpetually changing patterns drawn in fine sand by an apparently magically rolling steel ball stimulate something deep in our brains. Each pattern is unique and fleeting, soon to be replaced by another.
And you can add more patterns from either the ever-growing MB&F library or you can easily design your own. Sandsara offers the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.

Check out the video !

Dimension: D:33cm - H:8,4cm - W:2,5 kg
Price: CHF 690.- inc. Swiss VAT


Watchmaker Jan Borren’s Wervelwind (Dutch for “tourbillon”) kinetic sculptures are handcrafted, desktop-sized working models of tourbillon escapements. The revolving and tick-tocking stand-alone regulator is hypnotic to watch under its glass dome. Wervelwind is the perfect gift for those appreciating both fine horology and mechanical art.

Limited edition of 94 pieces, each individually numbered 
Dimensions: D:154mm - H:60mm
Price: CHF 3'100.- inc. Swiss VAT


Solstice by London-based design studio Animaro is a large flower-shaped wall clock that perpetually transforms the passing time into different artworks. Solstice gradually changes shape during the day, opening and closing its ‘petals’ evocatively like a real flower. During the night, Solstice closes its petals, which slowly open to their maximum at midday before gradually closing again for the evening. You can tell the time approximately but intuitively just by looking at the shape of the clock.

How does it work ? Well, everything is explained here !

Diameter: 61 cm when opened, 54 cm when closed
Price: CHF 3'950.- inc. Swiss VAT


At first glance, the pupil set into the gleaming sphere of the Orb looks like a high-tech model of a human eye. But like all L'Epée 1839 x MB&F collaborations, there’s more than what first meets the eye. That pupil is the dial of an hour-striking clock, and the spherical case composes four petal-like elytra that open up independently like a transformer to display the eight-day movement inside. It’s magical mechanical horology!

Two limited edition of 50 pieces each in black or white
Closed: Diameter: 17cm
Opened: H: 24cm x Diameter: 30cm
Price: CHF 32'300.- inc. Swiss VAT

Get your holiday shopping done early to ensure time to indulge in the festive spirit. Visit our M.A.D.Gallery boutiques in Geneva and Dubai or explore the dynamic world of kinetic art online. For the latest M.A.D.Gallery happenings, be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts (@mbfmadgallery) and please don't hesitate to contact us at for anything else. 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Arnaud Légeret