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Time is only a measurement to some, while others imagine it – and these three whimsical clocks by masters of their craft currently on display at the M.A.D.Gallery bring the point home. With each displaying differently how the minutes pass into hours in ways we may not have dreamt of, they offer fresh perspectives on the philosophy of time. We invite you to experience this trio of mechanical works of art and their innovative interpretations of time.

KB2 by Lebru x Silberstein

Two masters of shaping time, Alain Silberstein and Philippe Lebru, have co-created the Kontwaz Bauhaus 2 – aka "KB2" – a playful, contemporary clock redefining the classic pendulum clock. Their reinterpretation of time merges the award-winning aesthetics of the French artisans by outfitting the vibrant Pop Up clock by Lebru with bold primary colours and geometric shapes characteristic of Silberstein's distinctive style.

In the 1980s, Silberstein's watches injected a fresh, modern style into a then very classic and relatively staid art form. His upbeat use of basic colours and simple geometric shapes challenged traditions. Influenced by Bauhaus design and artists such as Picasso and Kandinsky, Silberstein's daring use of red, blue, and yellow along with circles, triangles, and rectangles became iconic, adding a liberal dash of charisma to the simple act of telling time. Lebru adds his mechanical expertise to this work of art, using the UTINAM movement built in his manufacture in Besançon, the heart of French watchmaking and a place known for historical Comtoise clocks.
Standing two meters tall as an independent clock, or hung on a wall, this funky work of art twists tradition with the elements of the airy skeleton clock popping with powerful primary colours. And you can rest assured that it will give you years of mechanical pleasure: the UTINAM mechanical movement features a grooved freewheel barrel system offering easy, optimised winding.
Limited edition of 88 pieces
Dimensions: 38.5cm x 53cm x 200cm
Price: from CHF 21'500.- inc. Swiss VAT
The KB2 is a precision machine with a sense of humour. For more details visit

Solstice – Animaro by Matthew Gilbert

Inspired by the idea of making the invisible visible, London designer Matthew Gilbert of the Animaro design studio brings us Solstice, which displays time in an unexpected and entertaining way. Emulating nature like a flower opening and closing, the Solstice clock changes shape throughout the day. Crafted in aluminium, steel and walnut, it reaches its largest point around midday when the sun is at its zenith and contracts to its smallest size in the evening as if its “petals” were closing to sleep.

Solstice is a one-handed kinetic work of art that mesmerizes as it continually changes – like a flower in nature. This abstract expression of time brings elegance and serenity to a living space while providing its primary function. You can watch a video of the Solstice clock as it ticks through its continual transformations at
Diameter: 61cm when opened, 54cm when closed
Price: CHF 3'950.- inc. Swiss VAT

Sculpture du Temps by Around Five

The Sculpture du Temps is an architectural beauty imagining time in a new way. Engineered by Swiss-based design firm Around Five, the firm is directed by partners Antoine Lorotte and Philippe Vallat, who use their creativity to bring life to innovative objects.

Sculpture du Temps is a limited-edition linear clock that mirrors the sun’s path to create a poetic display of time. Beginning at 6 am each day, a marker slowly travels along an analemma-style curve, eventually disappearing past the horizon line marking the close of the day. As the minutes and hours pass, they stand as a reminder to reflect on the day or take the time to enjoy the light of the day and enjoy a bit of relaxation in the evening. You can check out all four versions of Sculpture du Temps at

How do you read the time ? Well, everything is explained here !

Limited edition of 100 pieces each
Dimensions: L:49cm x H:13cm x D:8cm
Price: from CHF 2'660.- inc. Swiss VAT

To see these mechanical marvels for yourself, you can either visit our gallery in Geneva or visit the M.A.D.Gallery online to dive into the dynamic world of kinetic art.

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