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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – but rest assured that the art at the M.A.D.Gallery will keep you warm and toasty in spirit!

Light up your holiday season with a fun mechanical object under the tree: the M.A.D.Gallery team has created an exceptional list of gifts that you are certain to want to keep for yourself instead. This carefully curated list of one-of-a-kind artistic creations will not only pique the interest of loved ones on your list, it’s certain to pique yours.
And choosing one of these charming works of art is as easy as it is fun: you can shop with just a click via our M.A.D.Gallery e-shop.

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Ornithopter Gold
Ornithopters are lively, pint-sized kinetic works of art with the ability to fascinate any engineer or kid at heart with their rhythmic movements. Powered by solar energy, Enn Gold Moon is an autonomous ornithopter providing endless entertainment as it playfully flies through the air, all the while moving like a fish, charmingly gyrating as it delicately balances on a sleek gold-plated stand. Have a look at the video !

Limited edition of 200 pieces
Dimensions: L:16cm x H:15cm x D:5cm
Price: CHF 280.- inc. Swiss VAT

Slow Dance
A picture frame that makes any object move in slow motion? Now that is art! And, yes, it’s an optical illusion, but a fun one. 

Slow Dance comes with two feathers as the framed exhibition pieces, but you can experiment with anything that fits and takes your fancy, transforming the mesmerizing kinetic art into a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild. Unexpected and artful, Slow Dance is technology and artistry in one.

See for yourself in this video !

Dimensions: W:30cm x H:35cm x D:5cm
Price: CHF 440.- inc. Swiss VAT

This highly technological wall clock has to be seen to be believed: with its magnetically levitating metal ball over a timber base, time-telling is more like magic. A mobile app customizes the orbit of the metal ball around the base so that it functions like a standard clock or other digital timing device, performing tasks like counting down to a special event such as a birthday or reminding you of your anniversary. Its primary function is to help visualize time in an artful way, but it’s entirely up to you how it does that.
The various stories available include Journey (reminder/personal timeline), Clock (a minimalist timekeeper with a surprising display of the time), and Timer (countdown timer). The owner can also choose the orientation of the display, whether horizontal, vertical, or a 60-degree levitation. And, making it a true object of home décor, Story features a range of backlighting options, including illuminating a special function like moon phases.

Diameter 27cm
Price: CHF 849.- inc. Swiss VAT

Sculpture of Time
Showing time linearly instead of circularly, and designed and engineered in Switzerland, Sculpture of Time offers a unique time-telling experience. This table clock’s display is based upon the earth’s path as it orbits the sun, the curved outline appearing and vanishing behind the horizon.
And instead of the frantic seconds tick-tocking away, we have a poetic, almost architectural display conducive to contemplation and inviting the owner to enjoy the moment. 

How do you read the time ? Well, everything is explained here !

Limited edition of 100 pieces
Dimensions: L:49cm x H:13cm x D:8cm
Price: CHF 1'590.- inc. Swiss VAT

Nixie Time Zone V2
Looking much like a post-modern computer from a science-fiction novel perhaps set in Berlin, the five time zones sequentially displayed by six genuine Nixie tubes made by hand in the 1960s is nothing short of captivating. Gas-filled, vintage Nixie tubes have a lifespan of more than 20 years in as-new condition, and they are all but impossible to find today. Here they are put to most fruitful use.
Limited to just 100 pieces, this fabulous clock is entirely Swiss made and includes hand-finished components with the same level of attention as in high-end luxury watches.

Dimensions: L:33cm x H:8cm x D:8cm
Price: CHF 9'500.- inc. Swiss VAT

Starfleet Explorer
This new, more compact edition of 2014’s “space station” by MB&F and L’Épée 1839 is in reality a table clock even if it looks just like an intergalactic spaceship. And while the unusual time display certainly is an eye-catcher, the proud new owner of this limited edition clock will go absolutely gaga over the special animation in which three small spacecraft perform a five-minute-long orbit of the mothership – every five minutes.

Three limited edition of 99 pieces each in Blue, Green and Red
Dimensions: Diameter 17cm x H:11cm
Price: CHF 10'700.- inc. Swiss VAT

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With my warmest wishes to you during this happy holiday season,

Arnaud Légeret