We can’t wait to get in the saddle of this bicycle that is anything but run of the mill!

AVIONICS VM disrupts the standard way to ride with its unique and striking form blending minimalistic features into a retro style reminiscent of the 1930s. A ride on this beast provides freedom of movement in harmony with nature, a surge of adrenaline, and the opportunity to defeat agonizing traffic jams on an environmentally friendly alternative free from noise and exhaust.

Innovative engineering, refined details, and incredible grandeur are all elements imbedded in AVIONICS VM, now exhibiting at the M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva.

This artful conception hails from ‘Avionics’, a business started by two Polish gentlemen, Bartek and Jaromir, who discovered their joint passion for adventure and the golden age of invention by a chance encounter. “From the very beginning, we knew that Avionics must stand out in terms of design and performance. The design of Avionics references vehicles and planes from the yesteryears, while its interior technology showcases the twenty-first century,” explains Jaromir. “Absolute fusion of nature and engineering powered by electricity.”

Created exclusively for the M.A.D.Gallery, the AVIONICS VM is limited to 52 electric bikes in chromium-molybdenum steel, an incredibly strong and corrosion-resistant material, and chrome steel, a standout colour blended specifically for this collection. Integrated into the sturdy, steel frame is an ergonomic leaf-spring-suspended seat, which is a notable design element in itself and provides a smooth ride.
“This is an unusual solution for suspension and a feature distinguishing Avionics from any other bike or motorcycle,” says Bartek.

Accents handcrafted from Jatoba wood enhance the AVIONICS VM’s visual allure with rich, warm tones. A sleek wooden chest confidently houses the battery, immobilizer, and electrical components from weather and dust while adding a touch of class with old-school-style leather straps. Each wooden element requires painstaking manual work, including sanding, polishing, fitting, and oiling with natural linseed oil to enhance the natural beauty and provide a protective coating against the weather.

The AVIONICS VM has a massive 5,000-watt electric motor harnessing incredible torque (125 newton-maters or 92 feet-pound) and top speed reaches 58 kilometres/hour (36 miles per hour), which is a hefty amount of acceleration for everyday use. Featuring a 24-ampere hour lithium-ion battery pack, the bike can travel an estimated range of 74.5 miles (about 120 km) in low-power street mode and can be topped up in 2-3 hours from a standard domestic plug socket.

The AVONICS VM e-bike comes pre-programmed with a selection of street modes limiting its power to more street-friendly speeds. However, unleashing the full power force mode of the bike, you can ride like the wind – the ‘M’ in ‘VM’ stands for makani, meaning wind in the Hawaiian language.

Controlling that kind of speed means being outfitted with the right tires and brakes to match the AVIONICS VM’s impressive power. Decked out with hardy disc brakes measuring 203 millimetres (8 inches) on both the front and back wheels makes stopping as effective as possible. Another bonus to the brake system is that the power created from slowing down is recouped, helping to charge the battery pack and extending the ride time until you have to plug in. Oh, and for when the battery runs dry or for the very sporty, AVIONICS VM is armed with traditional cycling components like pedals to get back home the old-fashioned way.

It takes approximately six months to design and produce an Avionics electric bike with the longest and most demanding stage in the process being the electronics while the shortest is to assemble the bike, which takes a week. Every component, down to the last detail, was considered and finessed by expert craftsmen (apart from the electric motor and lithium-ion battery packs) putting this electric bike in a class by itself.

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Arnaud Légeret