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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the art inside the M.A.D.Gallery is so delightful!

Bring this holiday season to life with the gift of a mechanical wonder. The M.A.D.Gallery team has curated a drool-worthy list of objects that any engineer, architect, watch lover, or impossible-to-shop-for relative would yearn to have under the tree this holiday season. This directory of rare finds and unique artist creations are sure to bring joy to those you love – day after day and year after year. 

This gift guide of alluring artistic works will make gift-giving (and your life) easier this season by shopping with a click via our M.A.D.Gallery e-shop.

Project LpX
Blast off! This rocket ship does much more than look cool: Project LpX offers dust- free storage for the highest quality magnification loupes while simultaneously reminding you of the immensity of our galaxy. Born of a collaboration between MB&F and Loupe System, this intergalactic magnification station enables accurate viewing of watch movement details or lunar rocks.

Project LpX comprises five modular parts, perfectly packaged in a sturdy travel case. Assemble with ease as the main body elements click together similarly to mounting a lens on an SLR camera. The rocket ship, which securely rests on an anodized aluminium base, can accommodate up to three loupes. Adding to the cool factor, when the moon is out, or the lights are off, the rocket base emits a cosmic green glow due to a self-luminous tritium capsule “booster” making it appear as if it is going to lift off into interstellar space. A universal clip for use on mobile devices or tablets for macro photos or videos is included in this space-themed kit. Project LpX launches in 4 limited editions of 99 pieces each in black, blue, red, or green.

Know someone who has always fantasized about being an astronaut? Project LpX is the ideal gift to revive one’s childhood dreams of interstellar space travel or satisfy a horological aficionado’s fascination with the intricacies of the mechanical movements.

Unboxing Project LpX / MB&F + Loupe System
4 limited editions of 99 pieces each in black, blue, red or green
Price: CHF 3’600.- inc. Swiss VAT

Amaoto by Kokusai
Amaoto by Kokusai is the perfect antidote to stress: KOKU and HAKU create serene settings with crystalline wind-chime-type sounds synchronized to the smooth and slightly irregular gliding movements of their pendulums. When light shines on their wooden stands, it triggers the three pendulums into motion, which continuously influence each other, drawing paths and weaving a magic rhythm. Crafted in dark wenge or bright cherry wood along with stainless steel, brass, and acrylic resin, the Amoato kinetic sculptures reveal a silhouette composed of straight lines and modern architecture.

Koku (dark edition) and Haku (light edition) by Kokusai
Dimensions: φ 92 × H 215 mm
Price: CHF 390.- inc. Swiss VAT

Spunwheel by Ryan Kvande
If you have an architect or interior designer on your holiday shopping list, fulfil their lust for visually pleasing sculptural arrangements with art by American artist Ryan Kvande. The sculptures, already incredibly attractive when still, become downright fascinating when the two wheels begin spinning in opposite directions, triggering a phenomenon of constantly changing designs known as a moiré́ pattern. Watching these mechanical oeuvres in motion the observer almost sinks into a trance, making it become almost impossible take one’s eyes off them. A hypnotic gift.

Diameter 101cm
Price: CHF 2’350.- inc. Swiss VAT
Available in 6 weeks – a Christmas gift voucher will be sent

Solar Ornithopter
Solar Ornithopters are pint-sized, lively kinetic works of art sure to fascinate any engineer or kid at heart with their rhythmic movements. Powered by the sun, Enn and Kaku are autonomous ornithopters providing endless entertainment as they playfully fly through the air. Kaku flaps a single wing in a bird-like motion, while Enn moves like a fish. Each charmingly gyrates while delicately balancing on a sleek stainless steel and brass stand.

Enn & Kaku
Size : L 16 x H 15 x D 5 cm
Price: CHF 99.- inc. Swiss VAT

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With my warmest wishes to you during this happy holiday season,

Arnaud Légeret