Willem van Weeghel

Dear Friends,

Hypnotic. Fascinating. Intoxicating. With their fluid movements and artistry, Willem van Weeghel’s awe-inspiring works attract crowds; known for his contemporary interpretations of kinetic art, van Weeghel presents his “Dynamic Structures” collection at the M.A.D.Gallery Geneva.

The everchanging, formations of these compositions are the focus: each animated artwork captivates observers as it shape-shifts into bold patterns teetering between order and chaos. Using a subtle palette of colours and shapes, van Weeghel emphasizes the importance of motion in the continually evolving scenes he creates.

Dynamic Structure 1589182 (illustrated in three different positions)
85×125 cm
Limited edition 5 pieces

The kinetic sculpture magic is created at van Weeghel’s studio, a cross between a steel workshop and a museum located in the Netherlands. The creation process starts with an image in his head, which van Weeghel fleshes out in computer animation to test all the possible movements. Promising concepts are then developed in a 3D computer-aided drafting (CAD) program. As a self-taught artist, Van Weeghel even developed the computer software program that coordinates the movement between all the moving elements in the artwork.

“I always work from the front. I have an idea of what the spectator should see or should feel with the piece and then I try to achieve it with technical means,” he describes his method.

Hidden from the observer, integrated into the back of the art piece, is a computer system programmed to operate sophisticated machinery and create an optically alluring composition. Using this technology, van Weeghel choreographs a dynamic dance with objects forming geometric patterns constantly changing at a variety of speeds, each work operating in complete silence.

Van Weeghel’s skilled craftsmanship is visible in each and every detail, from the impeccable welding of the moving components to the hand-painted canvas and assembly of the technical components. Thousands of hours of creation are needed for these works to come to life. Each kinetic sculpture is limited to five pieces and signed on the back.

Dynamic Structure 6618 (illustrated in three different positions)
85×125 cm
Limited edition 5 pieces

Visually impressive at a size measuring 154 x 154 x 16.6 cm, “Dynamic Structure 171113” strikes a contrast of ebony-colored shapes against a hand-painted white canvas. Adding to the visual experience is the seamless movement of eight identical elements, lines shaped at right angles, that perpetually shift position by rotating on four points. It is easy to marvel at this dynamic work as patterns endlessly form and dissolve right before your eyes.

Changing to a blue hue, “Dynamic Structure 61114 B” sees the canvas filled with six T- shaped elements in bright cobalt rotating across a deep navy-blue background. The fluid movement of this composition along with the brilliant use of color evokes the characteristics of a kaleidoscope – only enlarged to a 120 square-centimeter canvas. Time seems to stand still as you observe the endless geometric patterns unfold in this work of art.

Dynamic Structure 61114 B (illustrated in two different positions)
120×120 cm
Limited edition 5 pieces

“Dynamic Structure 6618” is a kinetic work combining two red and two black circles slowly traveling across a stark white canvas in coordinated sequences, sometimes slowly, then again quickly. All components are hand-painted using acrylic and assembled by van Weeghel. Similarly, “Dynamic Structure 10718” features yellow squares with triangles in black, while “Dynamic Structure 12718” consists of two solid-blue triangles harmonizing with a pair of open squares. Each of these three works measures 85 x 125 x 11 cm and can be displayed together as a triptych or individually.

Triptych (DS 10718 + DS 6618 + DS 12718)

The “Dynamic Structures” collection captures the essence of the M.A.D.Gallery. We are thrilled to show off the hypnotic powers of van Weeghel’s kinetic artwork in Geneva. Please don’t hesitate to stop by for a visit, you just might be as seduced by the collection as we are!

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With my warmest regards. 

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager