Dear Friends,

The traditional chandelier has been irrevocably, artistically upgraded! 

Nebula Hive  is a luminous vortex of kinetic energy that slowly transforms into countless celestial forms, captivating the senses more and more with each twist. This is thanks to distinguished British sculpture artist Ivan Black’s unparalleled talent for kinetics, a gift that is perfectly embodied in this lust-worthy light fixture.
Between the mesmerizing motion of this spiralling work of art and the emanating light, we simply cannot resist the allure of Nebula Hive here at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery. It is a pleasure to offer 18 pieces of it, which are exclusively available through our Geneva and Dubai galleries.
The striking design and luminous qualities of Nebula Hive fill its surroundings with an untouchable aura. Pushing past the scope of pure illumination, Black uses the power of mathematics and inspiration from naturally occurring shapes to create a twirling masterpiece of light, art, and motion.
Nebula Hive - Ivan Black for INK

Nebula Hive has an integrated motor that initiates a burst of power, setting the structure’s chain mechanism in motion and guiding a playful and hypnotic performance of outstretched, illuminated brass arms. As the mechanical energy dissipates, Nebula Hive continues to morph into shapes reminiscent of a double helix or a celestial orb until it returns to its lustrous original state. As night falls, the layered structure recedes into darkness while the glowing lights dance in the twilight as if it were a distant elliptical galaxy of stars; a show that is sure to stimulate the imagination with its dynamism. 

Black’s dedication to perfection and artistic vision prevails with his discovery of a new-wave fusion of light and motion. Nebula Hive contains more than 2,000 bespoke components either handmade by Black or selected from trusted, local British craftsman and artisans. Each component is machined from solid brass, then impeccably hand-polished and nickel-plated prior to assembly. Additionally, every LED is carefully encapsulated in a clear acrylic sphere. From start to finish, the whole construction takes approximately 12 weeks.

Nebula Hive – Ivan Black for INK
1m high x 0.75m wide
Edition 18 pieces, 24’800 CHF

Nebula Hive is a labour of love, and we are thrilled to share it with you. 

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Juliette Duru
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