Dear Friends, 

It was destiny that brought two Nixie tube enthusiasts together to develop the new Nixie Machine II. 

As luck would have it, Dalibor Farny, a passionate engineer and Nixie tube maker, serendipitously met German artist Frank Buchwald during an exhibition of technical antiques in Berlin and instantly recognized him as the creator of the first Nixie Machine. This chance encounter culminated in Nixie Machine II. 

Driven by passion and expertise for the subject, Farny spent years researching and experimenting in his workshop in the Czech Republic to successfully bring the famous vacuum Nixie tube Z568M back to life. Nixie tubes – also known as cold cathode displays – were first introduced in the 1950s and became a popular way of presenting numerals using glow discharge. The name Nixie is thought to derive from the Burroughs Corporation’s “NIX I,” which in turn was believed to have stood for “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1.”

Here at the M.A.D.Gallery, we continue to be captivated by the luminosity of this time teller and we are thrilled to offer 12 unique pieces of Nixie Machine II, which are available exclusively through our Geneva, Dubai, and Taipei galleries. This limited collection Nixie Machine II also celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Geneva M.A.D.Gallery. Wow, time has flown by!
Nixie Machine II fittingly exemplifies the foundation and excellence in artistry represented at our M.A.D.Galleries. Each and every detail of Nixie Machine II has been manually handcrafted – from the design, construction, and detailed finishes of the clock to the six Nixie tubes produced by Farny.

The architecture of Buchwald’s industrial creation fuses distinctive design principles with his vivid imagination. The steel-and-brass base of the clock, measuring 1.2 meters, displays insect-like limbs supporting the central body while steel brackets enclose the Nixie tubes like arms gripping time; flexible, tentacle-like tubing “nourishes” the Nixie tubes with energy and information while simultaneously remaining the core of the composition. A red-yellow light radiates from the visible inner structure of the Nixie tubes, providing the piece with both an industrial look and a bio-animated character. 
This collaborative invention is sure to inspire conversation between anyone viewing the animated time-telling machine. For more details on the Nixie Machine II, visit the dedicated section on our website. 

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With my warmest regards,

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager