Time machines

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Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Close your eyes and imagine the rhythmic swing of a long pendulum paired with the steady tempo of a clock mechanism filling the air with harmonious sounds. This is the serene melody orchestrated by the Time Machines of Swiss artisan Florian Schlumpf.

Here at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery, we are mesmerized by the hypnotic kinetic art pieces designed and developed by Schlumpf, an expert engineer with a passion for art and mechanical precision.

Schlumpf uses his art and engineering expertise to explore his philosophy on time. “I was always fascinated by machines that generate a rhythm,” he says. “A rhythm without time does not exist. A simple pendulum is such a machine: it fascinates by its movement, by its gentle sound. The slower the rhythm, the more soothing its impact is on our emotions.”

This curated collection of three Time Machines celebrates the sensory pleasure of a traditional clock in a purely artistic manner. All variations, from the TM2 and TM3 to the Wall Machine, expose the inner workings of the clock mechanism and place the motion of each gear, spring, and axle in the spotlight.

Time Machines
by Florian Schlumpf
M.A.D.Gallery Geneva

TM2, Copper-plated
Height 2.05m
CHF 31'800.-*

In addition to the skeletonized design, Schlumpf's Time Machines are hand-finished in eye-catching colour palettes of black, silver, copper, or gold, which enhance their modern architecture.

The statuesque TM2 model stands more than two meters tall (6.5 feet), elongated by a steel frame bringing its total weight to an impressive 80 kg. This dominant vertical structure features a timing mechanism consisting of four pairs of gears and an escape wheel measuring an incredible 500 mm in diameter.

TM3 runs for eight days driven by double spiral springs and axles supported by ball bearings with non-contact, friction reducing seals. This artwork also incorporates patent-pending anchor arms built with spring-loaded technology providing smooth, almost silent operation requiring minimal energy. Due to its light aluminium structure and smaller size, it can also be mounted on a wall or displayed as a standing art piece.

TM3, “Johann”
Height 1.8m
CHF 8'500.-*

TM3, “Kaspar”
Height 1.35m
CHF 7'500.-*

Wall Machine
Black frame, gold-anodized wheels and pendulum
CHF 60'900.-*

Schlumpf’s dynamic Wall Machine creates a dramatic visual into the universe of time by virtue of its size of 2.1 x 2.2 meters (6.9 x 7.2 feet). The bold, black frame houses black and golden anodized gears complemented by a mirror-polished golden pendulum disk and hands. Although the isochronal sounds of the clock are alluring, the escapement uses spring-like anchor pallets, which produce smooth, virtually silent, transitions.

Each of these kinetic sculptures now on display at the M.A.D.Gallery Geneva provides an opportunity to perceive time by more than just marking the passage of hours, minutes, and seconds. A patient observer can digest unhurried intervals of time by focusing on the sound and motion of the animated clocks. If you dare, opt for the purest expression of this concept with a Time Machine that offers no time indication at all and relax to the endless ticks and tocks of time passing.

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