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Ever dreamt of having superhuman powers? Our latest talent at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery is artist Hervé Stadelmann, who presents his army of Robotyps, which are likely to trigger fantasies of coveted superpowers.

The colourful collection of 16 individually numbered robotic sculptures merges Stadelmann’s keen eye for graphic design with his professional tinsmith training. Brought to life in his Swiss studio, each composition comprises a complex architecture of handcrafted bends and folds exuding a distinctive origami vibe.

Each robot is unique: for example, one may have an antenna or what appears to be a classically Egyptian-style headdress, while another sets itself apart with vibrant colour patterns flaunted across the chest or a monochromatic copper tone. No two of his robots are alike.

Now cue the cool and green factor: Stadelmann’s constructions also proudly display their repurposed origins, whether these come from what may appear to be a patriotic American Pepsi or Dutch Heineken service tray, or the tin of an exotic batch of Asian teas. These familiar materials, often with bold patterns, set the stage for the unique blueprint, and imaginary superpower, of each intricate composition.

Every fold of metal undergoes careful consideration, highlighting the patterned, colourful, or monochromatic materials in an artistic way. Each sculpture has an unmistakable personality fulfilled by meticulously placing the cuts and folds of the metal to express the robot’s charisma. Every powerful design complements the sturdy structure, hinting at the robots’ imagined hidden powers.

“My inspiration is guided by the graphics, typography, and textures on the sheets of metal I find. The main point is to find a sheet metal plate that inspires me. As soon as I have that, work can begin,” the Swiss artist explains.

Robotyp 10-2016
Unique piece
Price: 2’450 CHF inc. VAT

Robotyp 6-2016
Unique piece
Price: 2’450 CHF inc. VAT

Hervé Stadelmann
In his workshop located at La-Chaux-de-Fonds

Robotyp 2-2016
Unique piece
Price: 2’450 CHF inc. VAT

The robotic sculptures make powerful visual impressions thanks to both their individual characteristics and substantial dimensions. Standing at an average of 70 centimeters tall – slightly more than two feet – the robots quickly become the focal point of any space and are sure to provoke interesting conversations.

Stadelmann’s sculptures are not toys, but they do appeal to the inner child in everyone, making them a perfect fit for the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery. It is time to don your superhero cape and fly to the M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva to check out Stadelmann’s Robotyps. Or if you prefer not to wear your cape in public, feel free to take a look at the creator’s section on our website.

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Robotyp 8-2016
Unique piece
Price: 2’450 CHF inc. VAT

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