Marc Ninghetto

Dear Friends,

Grendizer strikes again at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery! Marc Ninghetto, famed Swiss photographer and MB&F Friend, presents his second exhibition for us, with powerful photography featuring the Japanese anime and manga robot, Grendizer.

Ninghetto's first exhibition in 2012 evoked countless childhood memories of action figures battling and defeating imaginary enemies.

This second exhibition, "The Solitude of a Machine II" consists of seven large-format prints featuring Grendizer traveling from the fantasy planet Fleed to Earth.

The mid-seventies super robot is transposed into real-world landscapes creating a juxtaposition of fantasy and reality, and answers the age-old question of what Grendizer gets up to when not saving our little blue planet.

Inspired by the heroes of yesteryear, Marc places Grendizer in a new perspective. “I didn’t want these images to look like the cover of a game for kids,” Marc described to me. “I wanted to integrate them into the real world and endow them with sentiment. They aren’t so much sad as lost and uncertain.” Once again, Marc creates images that move us, instantly kickstarting our creative imaginations.

The presence of ‘Goldorak’ – as the fictional robot is known in French – is larger than life. Grendizer remains the consummate super robot for us; we capture our admiration for him in MB&F’s Machines using design cues from his legendary battle axe weapon on our winding rotors and buckles.

Le déluge du Nouveau Monde

M.A.D.Gallery display

Marc at the gallery

Le Ballet des Requins

Photobooth installation for the opening

The process Marc developed to create these fine works of art is fascinating. This original technique called ‘digital sampling’ incorporates photographs of 3D robot models and blends them into a landscape from his extensive database of photographs. In this series, Marc expresses tremendous depth to satisfy a curious eye using his fusion technique.

This manipulation of images is a talent the Geneva native developed through his time in Paris as first assistant to French photographer Dominique Issermann, combined with extensive work in the fashion, fine jewelry, and watch sector.

We are so very glad the M.A.D.Gallery has provided Marc an opportunity to explore a new avenue of art.

“I thought that it would be a great chance to create something totally different from what I usually do, something more playful, and a break from my traditional style and subjects,” Marc explained to us. “And so, with a large dollop of nostalgia, I revisited my heroes from yesteryear, and set about producing ‘The Solitude of a Machine,’ a collection of photos.”

’The Solitude of a Machine II’ series comprises seven photographs. Each image is limited to just 18 prints that are available in three sizes: 120 x 84 cm, 170 x 120 cm, and 214 x 150 cm.

We also offer a collector’s box limited to 18 pieces that includes all seven images from the series plus one bonus image.

I encourage everyone, especially members of Generation X, to take the journey and feel the power of Grendizer in this must-see exhibit at the M.A.D.Gallery – it might even spark the creativity of your inner child.

If you are passing through Geneva, do drop in and see them for yourself. And if Switzerland is not part of your travel plans, you can keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@mbfmadgallery).


My best regards and until next time,

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager

Photobooth test session

Pour l’Amour de la Terre

Friends & clients defying the rain at the opening

Celebrating the opening in Geneva