Dear Friends,

Everything is clicking, whirring, and moving at the M.A.D.Gallery!

With the addition of Jennifer Townley’s kinetic art next to that of Quentin Carnaille and Damien Bénéteau, our gallery is currently experiencing a palpable pulse of mechanical creatures, geometric trompe l’oeils, and magnetic levitating watch components: this is an atmosphere bound to draw even the staunchest naysayer of contemporary art into its orbit.

We discovered Townley’s work through internet videos and we were instantly convinced that her geometric oeuvres, inspired by fellow Dutchman and famous graphic artist, M. C. Escher, would fit perfectly into the M.A.D.Gallery environment.

However, our initial impression of the artworks was nothing compared to how they made us feel when we saw them for real – it was absolutely magical. And we knew we had to share this feeling with visitors to our gallery.

Townley travelled to Geneva from her home in Holland for the opening of her M.A.D. Gallery exhibition and was genuinely pleased to have the time to share her passion for blending geometry and art with the guests.

Her passion for geometry combined with her fascination for engineering and science make her mechanical artworks mesmerizing, intriguing, and beautiful – despite the apparent simplicity of her designs. And this effect was visible on the faces of visitors at her reception, who particularly appreciated the feminine touch gracing the gallery.

Jennifer Townley
Packing her artworks

by Jennifer Townley
110x110x20 cm
CHF 7'900.-*
Unique piece

De Rode Draad
by Jennifer Townley
160x47x15 cm
CHF 5'600.-*
Unique piece

Townley's workshop

Circular motion, meshing gear wheels, shifting groupings of diamond shapes, intermittent illusions, illusory three-dimensionality, shadow play, balletic design of sprockets: all of this describes what you may see when you stare long enough at her artworks, which carry names such as “Cubes,” "De Rode Draad," “Lift,” and “Squares.”

The peaceful feeling these silent, animated sculptures emit is a quality that art rarely bestows. At any angle, at any distance, Townley’s kinetic works are charming and thought-provoking – and may well be of particular interest to those interested in horology thanks to their mechanical components.

Cubes (large edition)
by Jennifer Townley
130x120x10 cm
CHF 14'700.-*
Limited edition 3 pieces

Cubes (small edition)
by Jennifer Townley
46x48x10 cm
CHF 5'200.-*
Limited edition 6 pieces

by Jennifer Townley
180x100x50 cm
Unique piece

If you are passing through Geneva, do drop in and see them for yourself. And if Switzerland is not part of your travel plans, you can keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram (@mbfmadgallery).


My best regards and until next time,

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager

Perpetual Transience

* including 8% Swiss VAT