Dear Friends,

The time for carols and mistletoe, spiced drinks and decorative cookies, and of course, presents, is nearly upon us - yes, I am speaking of Christmas. This time of year, so full of joy and cheer, can also be quite hectic, as we run around looking for interesting gifts for those dear to us.

But fret not, for we have put together for you a neat selection of gift ideas – exciting, rare and special artistic creations that are currently gracing the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery.

To make your holiday shopping even easier, we also have an online e-shop, offering convenient, worldwide delivery on all items available for purchase.

So, cross “humdrum” off your Christmas list and make that special someone’s eyes sparkle with a unique offering from the M.A.D.Gallery.

MusicMachine 3 – Reuge by MB&F

Got a sci-fi fan on your Christmas list but they’ve already got all the intergalactic memorabilia they can handle? Well, we have something extraordinary that’s sure to please them! Designed by MB&F, MusicMachine 3 looks like a spaceship hailing from a galaxy far, far away. But underneath that futuristic guise is a beautiful high-end music box crafted by REUGE. MusicMachine3 is available in a limited edition of only 33 pieces with white finish.

Stirling Engines – Böhm

Engineers and kids-at-heart will thank you when you present them with a Böhm Stirling Engine. These impressive little German-made machines are based on a simple principle: external (rather than internal) combustion. Light a small flame under the piston, wait a short while for the engine to heat up and then watch this little marvel whizz around using its own hot air powered motor.

Arachnophobia – L’Epée 1839 by MB&F

Arachnophobia is not only an eye-catching threedimensional sculpture but also an impeccably finished clock that tells the time. Attached to its abdomen are eight visually enticing legs which can be rotated so that Arachnophobia can stand tall on a desk or on a wall thanks to an ingenious mounting system. Arachnophobia is available in black or 18k yellow gold-plated editions.


Reuge Manufacture
Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

MusicMachine 3
Reuge by MB&F
White Edition
Price: CHF 18’900.-*

MusicMachine 3
In situ

Böhm Stirling
Price: CHF 480.-*

Böhm Stirling
Price: CHF 350.-*

Spinning Heart Machine – Martin Smith

“Giving one’s heart to someone” has never been so easy thanks to Martin Smith’s Spinning Heart Machine. And you won’t just give your heart, you will also show your special someone how fast he or she makes it spin. As the handle of this amusing mechanical sculpture is turned, the gears engage to hypnotically flip, spin and rotate the heart.

Solar Ornithopter – Kosukai

How many times have you dreamt that you were flying? Leonardo da Vinci was apparently animated by the same desire. In 1485, he drew detailed plans for a human-powered ornithopter. An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings (from Greek ornithos «bird» and pteron «wing»). A few centuries later, Kosukai presents Enn and Kaku, two autonomous and mesmerizing solar-powered ornithopters.

Swinging Sticks

This eye-catching kinetic sculpture seems to defy gravity and the laws of physics. The Swinging Sticks generate an illusion – almost like perpetual motion – as the sticks turn and turn noiselessly without ever pausing, thanks to a small magnetic field.

We hope that our suggestions have made your Christmas shopping list a little more fun and a little more interesting.

So don’t be a stranger, come by and discover these amazing creations first-hand at the M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva or check them out by browsing our e-shop.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


With my warmest wishes to you during this holiday season,

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager


L'Epée 1839 by MB&F
Gold Limited Edition
Price: CHF 17’500.-*

In situ
Black Limited Edition
Price: CHF 15’300.-*

Spinning Heart Machine
Martin Smith
Price: CHF 1’100.-*

Solar Ornithopter
Price: CHF 99.-*

Solar Ornithopter
Enn Model
Price: CHF 99.-*

Solar Ornithopter
Kaku Model
Price: CHF 99.-*

Swinging Sticks
Small: CHF 390.-
Large: CHF 500.-*

* including 8% Swiss VAT