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“Optical Variations”, a series of intriguing kinetic sculptures by Damien Bénéteau, is now on exhibition at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva.

A photographer by training, Bénéteau creates kinetic art that plays with light, designing ethereal monochromatic sculptures that are continually moving... and continually mesmerizing.

“My work is intimately related to my background in photography,” says the artist. “In this form of minimalist kinetic sculpture, I am using all I know about light to sculpt it. Much like in photography, I use light to achieve a certain optical effect.”

The outcome of Bénéteau’s light sculpting is playful and full of enthralling contrasts. His artworks really have to be seen to be fully appreciated as they exert a hypnotic effect on all those who view them. During the opening cocktail party for the exhibition, guests who had already seen photos of the artwork stood fascinated by movement and continual play of light. The effect was so powerful that a complete series of sculptures sold out that same evening!

What also surprises about Bénéteau's work is his meticulous attention to detail. This was as evident when the artist was arranging his sculptures for the exhibition, as in the artwork itself. The quality of his sculptures shines as brightly as the light emanating from them.

Working from his own atelier, Bénéteau, a connoisseur of machinery, uses milling, polishing and metal turning machines to create his structures, “a critical aspect”, he says, of his creative process.


Length Variations
by Damien Bénéteau
Limited Edition of 7 pieces
CHF 16'000.-*

Damien Bénéteau
in his Parisian atelier

Spatial Variations
by Damien Bénéteau
Limited Edition of 3 pieces
CHF 48'000.-*

Circular Variations
by Damien Bénéteau
Limited Edition of 3 pieces

Damien Bénéteau's
"Circular Variations"

In three of his installations for the M.A.D.Gallery, the French artist plays with pendulums, pairing their oscillating movement with light to create a trio of mesmerizing phenomena.

In “Spatial Variations”, a slowly undulating metal ball ticks along its defined course while throwing light and shadows on the surrounding space, almost as if the light is alive and breathing.

“Length Variations” plays with a moving light source as it passes through a concave structure, catching and reflecting the light in a brilliant flash, similar to a signal from a lighthouse.

And finally, “Circular Variations” is an illuminated ring phasing in and out as a pendulum rocks steadily from one side to the other. Images of rings around planetary orbs come to mind.

In contrast, “Sphérolithe” moves away from the continuous movement of the pendulum and allows light to emanate from a stationary point. It speaks for itself, pulsating consistently and calmly.

“Spatial Variations”, “Circular Variations” and “Sphérolithe” are each a limited edition of three pieces. “Length Variations” is a limited edition of seven pieces.

If you are in or around Geneva, please don't hesitate to drop in to see Bénéteau's sculptures with your own eyes. And if Switzerland is not part of your travel plans, you can keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram pages (@mbfmadgallery).


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Communication Manager


by Damien Bénéteau
Limited Edition of 3 pieces
CHF 38’000.-*

Damien Bénéteau's
"Circular Variations"

Optical Variations

* including 8% Swiss VAT