Dear Friends,

The time for carols and mistletoe, spiced drinks and decorative cookies, and of course, presents, is nearly upon us – yes, I am speaking of Christmas. This time of year, so full of joy and cheer, can also be quite hectic, as we run around looking for interesting gifts for those dear to us.

But fret not, for we have put together for you a neat selection of gift ideas – exciting, rare and special artistic creations that are currently gracing the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery.

To make your holiday shopping even easier, we also have an online e-shop, offering convenient, worldwide delivery on all items available for purchase.

So, cross “humdrum” off your Christmas list and make that special someone’s eyes sparkle with a unique offering from the M.A.D.Gallery.

Surveying instruments collected by Bruno Gritti
Over the past 50 years, Italian architect Bruno Gritti has gathered an extensive collection of rare and beautiful 19th century surveying instruments. These artfully crafted historical treasures were among the most important and essential instruments needed for mapping cities, planning canals, building roads and laying railways during the age of industrialisation. These works of art are sure to add intrigue to any living or work space.

Quentin Carnaille – Apesanteur II
French artist Quentin Carnaille’s Apesanteur II is otherworldly. A disk comprised of thousands of century-old watch components hovers and spins above a teak platform via incredible, magnetic levitation. As the disk gyrates, the tiny horological relics scintillate like glinting stars in the cosmos. In the artist’s own words: “Apesanteur evokes the origin of reading time – astronomy. Everything in space is floating and here it’s a sculpture which is flying.”

Böhm Stirling Engines
Engineers and kids-at-heart will thank you when you present them with a Böhm Stirling Engine. These impressive little German-made machines are based on a simple principle: external (rather than internal) combustion. Light a small flame under the piston, wait a short while for the engine to heat up and then watch this little marvel whizz around using its own hot air powered motor.


Swinging Sticks
Small: CHF 390.- *
Large: CHF 500.- *

No. 80 – Tacheometer
Signed “Société de Lunetiers - Paris”, circa 1880
Price: CHF 6’500.- *

No. 78 – Tacheometer
Signed “G. Gerlach Varsovie” n° 12685, early 20th century
Price: CHF 6’800.- *

Apesanteur II
by Quentin Carnaille
Price: CHF 13’500.- *

MusicMachine 2 – Reuge by MB&F
Got a sci-fi fan on your Christmas list but they’ve already got all the intergalactic memorabilia they can handle? Well, we have something extraordinary that’s sure to please them! Designed by MB&F, MusicMachine 2 looks like a spaceship hailing from a galaxy far, far away. But underneath that futuristic guise is a beautifully crafted high-end music box created by REUGE. MusicMachine 2’s twin cylinders play sci-fi themes from Star Trek and Star Wars on one ‘channel’ and rock classics by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Clash on the other. MusicMachine2 is available in a limited edition of only 66 pieces in black and 33 pieces in white.

Xia Hang – Who Else Series
For the adult who still acts like a child, Chinese artist, Xia Hang, has created moveable alien-like creatures out of polished stainless steel. The premise for these playful sculptures is that people should be allowed to interact with art. Hang invites you to touch and play with these pieces that you are likely to enjoy so much, you get one (or two) for yourself as well.

Renaud Marion – Air Drive Photo Series
Ever dreamed of having a flying car? Look no further because Renaud Marion has made it possible, imagining how they might look through his surreal photographic series, Air Drive. Air Drive captures iconic vehicles from the glory days of automobile production and transforms them into airborne transport through a touch of photographic magic. These are “far out” images but they’re only available in limited numbers, so if you know somebody who might like flying cars, now’s your chance to make their dream come true.

We hope that our suggestions have made your Christmas shopping list a little more fun and a little more interesting.

So don’t be a stranger, come by and discover these amazing creations first-hand at the M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva or check them out by browsing our e-shop.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


With my warmest wishes
to you during this holiday season,

Juliette Duru
Communication Manager


by Böhm Stirling
Price: CHF 480.- *

by Böhm Stirling
Price: CHF 320.- *

MusicMachine 2
Reuge by MB&F
Limited edition:
66 pieces in black
33 pieces in white
Price: CHF 21’000.- *

Applause Machines
by Laikingland
Price: CHF 460.- *

Who else-brick
by Xia Hang
Limited edition of 99 pieces
Price: CHF 6’300.- *

Lincoln Continental
Air Drive photo series
by Renaud Marion
Price: from CHF 2'200.-*

Mercedes 190SL
Air Drive photo series
by Renaud Marion
Price: from CHF 2'200.-*

Jaguar XK120
Air Drive photo series
by Renaud Marion
Price: from CHF 2'200.-*

* Including Swiss VAT